How To Beat Chronic Pain

I am an avid reader of anything pain related. I read book after book dealing with how to control your chronic pain through meditation, exercise, pills, etc. It is being suggested to strengthen your muscles, get massages, have physical therapy, change your diet or numb yourself with a variety of pills.

So, I wanted to know what the professionals have to say about chronic pain. They define it as pain that keeps being there even though the problem has been resolved. As an example, they mention back pain and migraine headaches. Yes, go ahead and read over the last sentence. Migraine headaches and back pain.

Let me give you my take on it: People have chronic pain because they still have a problem. The problem never got corrected! I don’t doubt that they have used all kinds of treatments to combat their symptoms, but I bet you they still have the original problem. The problem that is causing the symptoms of chronic back pain or headaches.

Have you ever watched commercials where the grandma can’t walk due to sciatica and after numbing her back with pills she is as agile as a little child again? Even if that would be possible, the problem in her spine would still be there. She is bound to hurt herself even more than she already has because she can’t feel the pain. If she thinks everything is ok, she will probably push herself farther than she should.

So how do you beat chronic pain? You look for the cause of the problem. Often it has a very simple reason: A misalignment in your spine which might irritate the lower back region leading to sciatica, or a misalignment in the bottom of your neck which can decrease the nerve output to your thyroid leading to migraine headaches.

If you have chronic pain, have your spine checked for possible problems. If you do have a misalignment, get it corrected. We hope to hear from you very soon!