Health Tips That Might Surprise You

Over the last few years I collected some of the most important health tips and I would like to share a few:

  • Use a firm mattress. The first layer can be a hard or a soft topper, but the underlying core should be firm and not sagging.
  • Chiropractic can boost your immune system. (This is one of the reasons patients see me; it’s not just about headaches or lower back pain).
  • Use a good pillow. So many on the market and often the most expensive ones are not necessary. Just make sure your neck keeps a good alignment with the rest of the spine.
  • Chiropractic can improve your golf game! Tiger Woods used to travel with his own doctor to receive adjustments anytime he needed them.
  • Exercise every day. “Hey doc, I am too busy” – but at the same time you tell me you watch three hours of TV every day? Do something and enjoy it. Go for a walk or do a few push-ups.
  • Did you know improving your posture doesn’t just make you look better and is healthier than slouching? It also signals power and strength to the outside world.
  • Sleeping on your belly is actually good for your lower back. But really really bad for your neck (unless you got a table with a face slot where you don’t have to twist your neck for breathing). Therefore, sleeping on your back or on your side is the better option.
  • Chiropractic can improve your athletic performance. (Ever wonder why many professional athletes use it to stay on top of their game?)
  • Losing one lb. of bodyweight can decrease the pressure on your lower back by two lbs.
  • Did you know the first chiropractic adjustment restored someone’s hearing?
  • Losing one lb. of bodyweight can decrease the pressure on each knee by four to eight lbs. in each knee.
  • Did you know in the time you read this list you could have made an appointment in our office to get your spine checked? (Do it; we are looking forward to meeting you.)