Gonstead testimonial about multiple sclerosis (m.s.)

Dear Friends – it has been about a year since I was first helped with the multiple sclerosis which ended my career as soloist with the US Marine band, cost me my new house in Virginia, stopped me from playing piano for over a decade, and led me at last to Oklahoma to teach at the University of Central OK.

M.S. is a nasty disease. Every inch of my body burned and I had to deal with many things I won`t bore your with. The reason I write is multi-faceted.

I want to encourage everyone with a problem which everyone assumes will end their career to take courage and not give up. The Lord does provide- sometimes in completely unexpected ways. Disease never stopped me from playing trumpet – and some of my most rewarding musical experiences came about after I was diagnosed with the illness. I have played in two continents and on radio and TV – since leaving the Maine Band.

I want to tell people about Gonstead System Chiropractic. It through Dr. Dennis Doan has helped me to feel better than I can remember in my life. It is responsible for the first and only thing that has helped my M.S. This is the first year in over a decade where I did not have a loss in my ability to do things that are important to my life. Not only have I not lost ANYTHING – the things I had lost are returning. I can button my shirt! Tie my shoes! I am relearning to play piano after ten years of not practicing. (Several times over the last en years I did try to regain my piano skills – using hours, a metronome, and a Hannon Book.- with NO success at the time. Of all things about M.S. that I had to deal with, this was the one thing that could drive me to tears.I had played piano longer than I played the trumpet.) Until last year, I would fall down at least once a day. I have been told by my students that they used to follow me to catch my horn when I fell. I HAVE NOT FALLEN DOWN A SINGLE TIME IN THE PAST YEAR. I can not feel a single problem from my M.S. anymore. Not one thing!

I want people with M.S. to hear about this. When diagnosed with M.S. the first thing you do – when you get the chance – is look it up on the internet to see what to expect and if there is any remedy. We are told in so many words that 1. you will deteriorate till you die – at varying rates.

We are told:

  • There are drugs you can take – Pills and shots. These can make you feel sick, tired , and dizzy – and they are expensive.
  • There is hope in the future. More drugs are being studied. I saw no creditable hope to do anything other than this drug route. I saw many things that may treat some effects – but NOT the disease.

When I was helped, I found out that I was not the only person with M.S. to be helped by Gonstead Chiropractic. I was skeptical about this till I spoke with doctors of this at a clinic of Gonstead doctors in Texas and found names of those helped. I also have friends here in Oklahoma with M.S. who have heard my story – they have both been helped by Dr. Doan. BOTH have! Every friend I have sent to him for various problems has been helped!.

My first reaction to this was anger.WHY has this word not gotten out to the world at large? I know people whose lives have been ruined by this. Marriages and careers ended. If even a small percentage of them could be helped, why are they not told to check into this. From my limited experience it is more than a small percentage. (It is closer to 100%!!) REALLY!

When I asked about this, I was told it is a matter of finances – there are not expensive drugs to sell to the poor people with the disease. It is expensive to publish such things. This is no longer true because of the internet. I will back up everything I write here on the phone. Just email me if there are questions.

If I were hearing of this, and had had my life devastated by this or other similar health problem – and found out there was a chance that I could have been helped – at little expense – an no risk to my health if it did not work I would be furious at those who had been helped and did not pass the word of any possible hope.

Don`t be angry at me. I am trying to pass the word.

Dr. James L. Klages Professor of Trumpet School of Music University of Central Oklhoma Edmond, OK 73034